Hot Yoga Castle Hill

Tempted to give hot yoga a try but not sure if it is for you?

We are big fans of this warm, relaxing version of the original, which can help take your flexibility to another level. In case you are new to the concept, we heat the room to around 28 degrees celsius which elevates your heart rate and makes you sweat, which helps expel toxins via the skin. The elevated temperature means this is more of a high intensity workout than a standard yoga class, so bear this in mind.

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Why Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga has a range of benefits, including:

  • Promoting relaxation, mindfulness and being in the moment.
  • Allowing your muscles to extend themselves further, enhancing your flexibility.
  • All that sweat means you are likely to be getting rid of all those nasty toxins, chemicals and compounds that build up in your body.
  • Increase your heart rate and circulation which leads to a post-class glow for your skin.
  • All that sweating can also help you lose weight.
  • Yoga poses can help build firm muscle tone.
  • Studies have shown that spending time in a heated environment – like a sauna or hot yoga studio – can help reduce hypertension/high blood pressure.
  • Boosting your overall mood and outlook, as sweating has been found to stimulate the production of endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormone.

Fitness Nirvana: Hot Yoga Castle Hill

Wondering why you should consider signing up with us? Then you need to check us out for:

  • Personal attention, with 20+ years experience between us, we enjoy educating our clients in a fun environment.
  • Help creating a healthy active lifestyle, and welcome you with a philosophy of: ‘Come as you are, not the way you think you should be’.
  • A highly personalised service, with a tailored program designed for your level and goals, including personal training and wellness nights.
  • Help finding a balance that suits your lifestyle.
  • A focus on movement, mindset and healthy eating – with a passion for getting you to feel good about yourself through movement.

With a balance of movement, a positive mindset and a healthy diet, we believe these key areas will have you living a healthy active lifestyle! We are also knowledgeable about technique and totally dedicated to every client so that you can achieve all your goals.

Want to try a Hot Yoga class? It is as easy as calling us on 0403 218 478 to book a class – we’d love to hear from you!

  • After exercising on and off for the last 15 years - I have finally found a place that not only inspires me but that I also look forward to going too. Every session is different and challenging so we never know what to expect. The trainers are amazing and made me feel right at home and at ease. I still have a long way to go on my fitness journey and I know these ladies will help me achieve well past what I want for myself
  • I have been a member of The Fitness Nirvana since its inception and would highly recommend it to anyone at any stage of their fitness journey. The personal trainers are friendly, approachable and provide a very individualised training program. Your goals, underlying fitness, pre existing injuries , nutrition and diet are all considered. The trainers have a vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology and nutrition which they utilise to adapt your training program and guide your diet. The gym is clean, inviting and the equipment excellently maintained. There is a variety of classes to cater for all, and new challenges and initiatives are provided to inspire members to better exercise and eating habits. Whether you are a seasoned gym member looking for a fresh change or just starting out on your fitness pathway... the Fitness Nirvana is for you.
  • I have only attended The Fitness Nirvana Health Centre for a couple of months and am loving it. The trainers are so welcoming and have not made any judgement about my previous lack of exercise. I have more energy, I am stronger and more flexible than I was just a few months ago. I attend classes as often as I can, with full time work and running around with the kids it can be difficult to make that time for myself but I knew I needed to get fit to stay active with my growing boys. After attending yoga for two months I found myself more aware of my body, those little aches soon became an easy fix with a few stretches. The classes are full of caring and like minded people, everyone is always willing to help each other out. I feel I can truly be myself in the centre.
  • The Fitness Nirvana Health Centre is awesome, it has completed changed the way we look at fitness and health. It provides a variety of training routines making training both beneficial and fun. Carmel & Sara make everyone feel important and adapt exercises to suit individual body needs. ​ Training at The Fitness Nirvana Health Centre has helped us feel fitter, healthier and mentally stronger due to the fantastic support of the trainers. Carmel & Sara have an ability to motivate and offer a huge depth of knowledge in relation to health, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Best gym experience ever!