Surrey in is mid 50’s sought the help of an osteopath for severe back pain and chronic sinus issues. He was advised to exercise. In the past he had been told to rest as he had a very physical job. This was a challenge for him but he also had no option as his pain was becoming debilitating. Surrey started with light weights and swimming. His fitness progressed so much he was doing burpees without a complaint and more importantly no pain. One of surreys biggest challenges was his inflexibility, not being able to touch his toes for over 30 years. Surrey started yoga and has not looked back. The increase in his range of motion has decreased pain in his lumbar spine and the tightness in his chest from severe bouts of sinus. Surrey has also changed his eating habits no longer making himself a candidate for Cardio Vascular disease and type 2 Diabetes.

  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased physical strength
  • Lost 10kgs
  • Increased mental strength and commitment to exercise
  • 2years
  • Farmer
  • Asthmatic


Meaghan had struggled with maintaining her weight particularly after having two children. With the challenge of Poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and major surgery in her Thoracic spine finding appropriate exercises that suited her body and did not cause later pain had been an issue. Focussing on Meaghan’s core strength was the first place to start. Restrengthening after childbirth and surgery created the building blocks to where she is now. Meaghan is not able to run but this has not stopped her from losing 25kg, reducing 68 cm off her body and being able to perform endless push ups on her toes without discomfort or post training pain to her spine. Meaghan is training to compete in her first triathlon this year, something she never thought possible in the past.

  • Lost 30kgs
  • Increased physical strength
  • Increased mentality to train regularly
  • Increased cardiovascular
  • Mum of 2 young children
  • Business Owner


A professional working mum began her training journey with us after a friend recommended she try our classes. Danielle found she was getting challenged in different ways with training and with her long history of running broke her personal best in a half marathon. Our journey with Danielle also ventured through months of injury however this didn’t stop her increasing commitment to train. This running injury challenged us as trainers to work with her to keep her physical strength increasing. Which it did as Danielle showed massive increases with the ability to perform a 40-50% increase in her weight training. Not to mention she has brought many laughs to all our sessions with the ever-growing friends made.

  • 2years
  • Overcome injury
  • Increased physical strength from 6kg DB chest press to 10kg DB chest press
  • A professional working mum
  • Increased commitment and enjoyment to train
  • Increased exercise stamina and endurance


  • Busy professional working mum
  • Full time student completing major postgraduate exams
  • Ability to maintain exercise commitment and enjoyment throughout
  • Maintained physical strength and endurance



Di came to us after losing 20kg and was looking to then compliment her weight loss with a healthier life. Di replaced her daily chia bun with wholesome foods that gave her longer energy. Di started to lift weights which was something she had never tried before. At 71 years of age di started to show that patience and hard work had pays off. With scoliosis, a weakened pelvic floor and being pre diabetic Di was able to lose another 8% body fat but more importantly gained 4kg in lean tissue and is no longer pre diabetic. Di’s mental strength is far and above her greatest achievement and I implore any person of any age to follow the steps of such an inspiring human.