From around the age of 60yrs there is a rapid decline in muscular strength. Can we define the odds of physiology and continue to make muscular strength stable or increase?

Why does this decline happen? Is it because the messages form our brain to our muscles slows down? This area in the brain is called the Primary Motor Cortex it initiates and executes the movement such as walking and running. Research has shown that as we age we are still able to perform movement without a message decline. So if not neural pathways than what is it?

Maintaining exercise and physical activity throughout life shows the greatest strength as we age, but for most of society as we age there seems to be a steady decline in participation to move. Why does this silent killer of a sedentary life seem so much more appealing than moving and living a better quality of life? If we decline our physical activity as we age, then say goodbye to all those years of movement, evidence shows that our strength declines much more rapidly.