Creating a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s work together towards a better you.

Let’s work together towards a better you.

Let’s work together towards a better you.

Creating a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s work together towards a better you.

Let’s work together towards a better you.

Let’s work together towards a better you.

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Welcome to a place of inspiring people.

We are a community, working with people to increase their health through movement, mindset and nutrition. Finding balance in life, maintaining an active lifestyle that fits in with you.

Welcome to a place of inspiring people. Achieving healthy lifestyles everyday. Changing the fitness approach to suit everyday people. Focusing on health, gaining strength from the inside out.


Get the results you have always wanted

  • Carmel


    I have followed my vision of living a happy life, balanced by my love of food and movement.

    Over the past 20 years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, the experiences I have encountered have taught me how "not one size fits all". I have discovered the secret to what people truly want to being "fit".

    My passion for food has allowed me to combine movement and nutrition. I am able to teach others how to find that balance to suit their lifestyle.


  • Sara


    Hi there!

    I am focused on your health and wellbeing. A strong desire to create a more active community, reduce our unhealthy population and create a less restricted lifestyle. Let's get back to the simple stuff.

    With a love for helping people to feel good about themselves. Focusing on movement, mindset and healthy eating, this perfect balance doesn't need to get complicated. Stay focused on your goal, and most importantly be consistent.


  • Becky


    I believe fitness is a lifelong journey. I have personally experienced

    the challenges of weight gain, weight loss, injury and trying to become a fitter stronger person. Helping others through those challenges, and seeing them achieve their goals, is what drives my

    passion for fitness.

    My goal as a Personal Trainer is to help as many people as possible live their best life and challenge their bodies to be fitter and stronger. I believe a healthy lifestyle means creating sustainable

    fitness and nutrition habits that support the mind and body to be at

    their best.


  • Tonya


    Toneya has been in love with health and fitness every since she was a young girl when her parents put her into dancing at the age of 3. From then her passion for movement has only flourished and through dance she has explored other areas of wellness and movement, Pilates. Toneya is a passionate advocate of the many benefits that Pilates can bring to people, in particular for mental and physical health. Toneya has a dance & performance background where she started dancing at a young, training in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, commercial jazz and hip-hop. She always knew that health and fitness was going to be the focal point of her career. In 2009, Toneya studied full-time at Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre where she trained in Pilates to help enrich her Classical studies. Toneya obtained a Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) at ED5 International after studying and training full-time during 2012-2013. Toneya has obtained her Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies through the Royal Academy of Dance during 2016-2017. Toneya has been performing professionally and has worked with some of the industry’s most prominent teachers and choreographers. Some of Toneya’s highlights have been performing at Marquee Sydney (The Star), dancing at the City of Dreams in Manila, the Philippines for 6 months, performing two summer contracts on Sydney Showboat and performing throughout Sydney with her agent Dargie Entertainment. Toneya wanted to further her understanding of the body so during 2019 she began her studies at the highly recognised Pilates institution, Polestar Education. During this time she began to truly love and appreciate the art of Pilates and could feel and see the benefits that it had on her body. In Pilates there are always new opportunities to learn and grow and to adapt movements to suit all bodies. Toneya is excited to share her knowledge with everyone and to continue to learn the art of Pilates. #Dip. Performing Arts (DANCE), RAD RTS – Ballet, Pilates Matwork Instructor
  • Tahra Dhami


    My keen interest in biomechanics of the human body led me to pursuing a career in chiropractic. I graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic science and Masters of Chiropractic. My clinical experience has allowed me to apply a multidisciplinary approach in the treating of a wide range of spinal and sporting injuries. I utilise a number of different modalities including soft tissue therapy, joint mobilisation, dry needling and exercise rehabilitation. I specifically tailor each treatment  to the needs of my patients by identifying the underlying cause of the injury and the contributing factors that may lead to dysfunction. I firmly believe that educating my patients is imperative in a successful rehabilitation, especially when trying to minimise the risk of re-injury. I also have a strong desire to constantly further my own education and knowledge in order to deliver the best possible treatment for my patients.
  • Cassandra Ohi

    Remedial Massage Therapist

    My journey as a remedial massage therapist began in 2005 at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney. This path has led me to be able to help people with many different injuries aiding them in recovery. I have previously worked with a variety of sports teams such as NSW Netball, The National Rugby League and Cricket Australia providing deep tissue remedial massage. I have also had the experience of providing de-stress and relaxation massages in health retreats and clinics through out NSW. In addition to feeling relaxed, massage has a number of healing benefits such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, promoting flexibility and providing myofascial release. Massage can assist in eliminating toxins from muscles and fat by increasing blood flow. My approach to massage is holistic, I view a person as a whole rather than only the site of the pain. This enables the person to walk out feeling an overall sense of relief for their whole body and mind. Knowledge is power and I like to educate my clients to understand how to best look after their bodies and try to and prevent further injury or discomfort.

    Train at home anytime you want.

    We will come to you and train the way you need, in the comfort of your own home. No need to wait for equipment, no need to worry about being body conscious or competing with others. You will find how easy it is to train at home with the right technique. Get the results you have always wanted.


    Train at home anytime you want.

    Before doing it alone.


    How to GET your Nirvana Body?

    1.  Join the 8 week challenge to improve your health and fitness
    2. Joing the Community Facebook Page
    3. A program written by a certified Nutritionist & an experienced Personal Trainer


    Educate families about the importance of physical fitness.

  • After exercising on and off for the last 15 years - I have finally found a place that not only inspires me but that I also look forward to going too. Every session is different and challenging so we never know what to expect. The trainers are amazing and made me feel right at home and at ease. I still have a long way to go on my fitness journey and I know these ladies will help me achieve well past what I want for myself
  • I have been a member of The Fitness Nirvana since its inception and would highly recommend it to anyone at any stage of their fitness journey. The personal trainers are friendly, approachable and provide a very individualised training program. Your goals, underlying fitness, pre existing injuries , nutrition and diet are all considered. The trainers have a vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology and nutrition which they utilise to adapt your training program and guide your diet. The gym is clean, inviting and the equipment excellently maintained. There is a variety of classes to cater for all, and new challenges and initiatives are provided to inspire members to better exercise and eating habits. Whether you are a seasoned gym member looking for a fresh change or just starting out on your fitness pathway... the Fitness Nirvana is for you.
  • I have only attended The Fitness Nirvana Health Centre for a couple of months and am loving it. The trainers are so welcoming and have not made any judgement about my previous lack of exercise. I have more energy, I am stronger and more flexible than I was just a few months ago. I attend classes as often as I can, with full time work and running around with the kids it can be difficult to make that time for myself but I knew I needed to get fit to stay active with my growing boys. After attending yoga for two months I found myself more aware of my body, those little aches soon became an easy fix with a few stretches. The classes are full of caring and like minded people, everyone is always willing to help each other out. I feel I can truly be myself in the centre.
  • The Fitness Nirvana Health Centre is awesome, it has completed changed the way we look at fitness and health. It provides a variety of training routines making training both beneficial and fun. Carmel & Sara make everyone feel important and adapt exercises to suit individual body needs. ​ Training at The Fitness Nirvana Health Centre has helped us feel fitter, healthier and mentally stronger due to the fantastic support of the trainers. Carmel & Sara have an ability to motivate and offer a huge depth of knowledge in relation to health, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Best gym experience ever!